Founded in 1961, PROLETER AD hosiery company Ivanjica, produces fashionable and comfortable tights, socks and leggings for children, women and man made of lycra, PA 6.6 microfiber, nylon, cotton, wool and other fibers of different combinations.

The company is situated in Ivanjica, town located in central Serbia, in the region of Balkans in continental Europe.

The company started in 1961 as the state owner company producing for the local market.

Over the years we developed the big private owned company with 70% German capital, with 700 employees, producing exclusively for export markets worldwide.

We developed a big range of products (over 500 different items), trying to satisfy the market needs:

- in private label business and

- in brands.


Production capacity: 300 machines with 3 Mio pairs per month.